5 Interesting Things You Need to Know About Flowers


In our daily routine to experience life, there is no better feeling than that peculiar excitement you get when you see a cluster of well-arranged flowers. Even with a joyous experience, you will always have a curious sensation about what the ecstatic aura means for you. This post aims to explore your curiosity and delineates 5 exciting things that you probably didn’t know about flowers.

  • Flowers inspire authentic home décor

Whether you want to create an aquatic feel that brings you closer to the sea or a garden sensation in your living room, flowers are instrumental. You will find that different varieties of flowers inspire different experiences, from the flower scents to the petal colours. Each of these aspects directly influences the chemical processes within your body, giving you specific emotions. We do not realise that we can create a projection of our personalities by simply ordering specific flower types. You will experience that momentous appreciation from your guests.

  • Flowers trigger specific emotions.

People often get super-excited when they receive that daunting basket with a carefully arranged bouquet of daisies or lilies. Or at least that’s the case in the movies. Valiant research from reputable institutions indicates that flowers trigger the release of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin in our bodies. Pure science staff. But all in all, these chemical hormones are responsible for inciting specific emotions within us. Different flower types trigger the different release of these hormones resulting in different emotional responses. You should definitely know how the flower that you intend to use affects you or your recipients.

  • Plants as flower types

It is common to think that flowers only refer to the beautiful and delicate petals that invoke that innate connection to nature and the mystic side of life. You will be surprised to find out that most of the great flower types and varieties are actually plants, at least in a binomial sense. For the most part, we struggle to find the perfect bouquet of pleasantly-looking flowers that will bring that exact feeling that you desire. Rarely do we think to look for these aspects in yet very beautiful plants that bring the same effect. There is a great majority of succulent plant varieties and green plants that match, if not better, what flowers could do for you.

  • Accessories can be spices.

The value of specific and eccentric accessories to a great majority of styles cannot be underestimated. From creating gallant bracelets and polished necklaces, we often find ourselves appreciating the additional personality touch that an accessory creates. Flower bouquets are no different. An artistic vase or an authentic pot can make the difference between a good experience and a great experience.

  • Flower delivery services are your greatest asset.

Gifting your loved one with a fantastic gift is a cliché, but it never gets old. As such, modern technologies have seen most flower delivery services take their businesses online. An excellent flower delivery service like Moyses Stevens will ensure you get that bespoke bouquet at your doorstep at the most appropriate time and any location nationwide.

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