Do You Need to Upgrade to a 5G-Ready Smartphone Now?


Smartphone companies release new models almost annually. It’s hard to keep track of what’s what. In some cases, the differences between a previous and current release can appear significant but be negligible, and vice versa. There are discussions about screen size, battery life, and camera quality, with processor details and other technical jargon thrown in for extra wow-factor. It’s all valid but it can still be bewildering.

Now there’s 5G. The next generation of wireless technology which will not only make the average consumer’s smartphone experience faster and smoother but unlock and further various of integral pieces of technology – virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing – revolutionising computation and daily functions. 5G is still in its infancy. The U.K.’s rollout has been slow, following the trend of most other countries. Noticeably, too, the speeds which were promised consumers, governments, and providers have yet to be reached. 5G is faster than 4G, of course. However, it is not yet at its full potential. As such, is it worth investing in the new wave of 5G-ready handsets from major smartphone manufacturers?

What’s Coming

What’s coming is what’s promised – probably. Speeds will only improve. Consumers will have better access to and a better experience of entertainment – be it on watching films on Netflix, playing live casino games from providers like, or streaming to platforms like Twitch or Instagram. Faster download speeds and lower latency will only bring goodness.

When is what’s coming arriving, though? It’ll likely continue on at its slower pace as infrastructural changes and investments come in fits and spurts. However, for 2021 and 2022, major UK telecoms companies like EE and 3 are committed to ramping up their efforts to improve and widen their network by installing new 5G hardware and expanding into new cities and towns across the country.

As such, being prepared to make the most of these changes throughout the rest of 2021 and 2022, picking up a 5G-ready handset wouldn’t be a negative decision. You can, also, make the most of what is currently available too, which is better than 4G.

What’s Available

These new handsets from the likes of Samsung, OPPO and Apple are good smartphones in their own right. They are not just 5G-ready. For instance, Apple’s iPhone 12 is generally considered one of the best they’ve released and one of the best on the market. 5G comes as a bonus, almost, to the MagSafe, dual rear camera, processor, and screen upgrades which set the 12 apart from the 11.

New iterations of flagship models, like the iPhone, like the Samsung Note, always receive attention. They are, usually, better than their previous iteration, by building on what works and smoothing out the kinks while including more recent developments. It is no surprise that they are attractive even with 5G capabilities.

These capabilities, of course, allow them to stand out. They are 5G-ready, while others are not. It is not a negative point. However, they are worth investing in because they are more than that, but it does mean that the can show the way to the future.


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