Do You Really Need an SEO Company? London Business Owners Say “Yes”!


These days, organic search drives as much as 50% of your traffic to your website. If your site isn’t optimised, it’s pretty difficult to capture even a portion of that traffic. To better optimise, many London businesses like yours turn to an SEO company. London is a hotbed of SEO professionals, and while you can certainly DIY your strategy, it often makes sense to work with a professional team. Wondering why? Take a look.

Understanding the Role of an SEO Company

When you work with an SEO team, you’re working directly with experienced professionals to help improve your brand’s visibility on the web. SEO teams typically make suggestions about various aspects of your site – like content, titles, and image size – to make sure that it looks as attractive as possible to the search engines. The more attractive it looks, the better optimised it is, and that makes it more likely to rank highly when search engine spiders crawl it. Wondering what you can expect if you hire an SEO company? London companies like yours typically have access to a range of services from an SEO company. Your chosen company will

  • Take a look at where you are. One key task any SEO company will undertake at the beginning of your relationship is to understand what’s working right now and what’s not. Your team will not only look at this aspect from a search engine’s perspective by learning how visible you are to potential customers, but they’ll also look at both your site’s architecture and its content to understand why your site ranks the way it does. This one evaluation can be so powerful some companies only sign up for this service. If you use it as part of your greater SEO strategy, though, it will help guide you toward success.
  • Shift elements of your site. Many SEO companies will look closely at their analysis, then begin optimising your site. Often you’ll be asked to review many of the changes they’re going to make, like keyword implementation and content creation. No matter what SEO company you choose to work with, you’ll likely find they’re willing to implement all of the changes on a step-by-step basis to help improve your rankings quickly.
  • Shape where you’re going. Improving your rankings is only one part of the process, though. Building a lasting strategy is key. Search engines make thousands of updates every single year, so SEO really isn’t a one-time service performed. Instead, if you’re going to get a higher ROI, you’ll need to commit to SEO for the long term. Maybe that means shifting the organisation of your entire site. Perhaps it means addressing off-page concerns or increasing your overall amount of content. If you don’t have a solid strategy, your initial SEO efforts will be completely lost, so you’ll certainly want to work with your new team on the right way forward.

Benefits Abound

If you’re considering working with a London SEO team, you may wonder what the benefits might actually be for your company. They’re extensive. One of the most important is that you’re working with a team of professionals who know what has changed in the world of optimisation and what’s about to change in the world of optimisation. What’s more, though, is that they understand the behavior of organic traffic in your vertical, so they know what it takes to get that initial click and ensure customers stay on your site as long as possible to help increase your overall conversion rate. More than that, though, they know what works. Maybe adding various kinds of content to your site will help improve your visibility. Perhaps video marketing is right for you. The reality is that no matter what the path forward might look like for your company, they can help you better define it.

Maybe the biggest benefit of working with an SEO company, though, is that you’ll finally be able to measure your efforts. Maybe you’re looking for more visitors. Maybe you’re looking for more sales. No matter what it is, your SEO team will be able to offer you the data you need to see exactly how well you’re performing.

Do you need an SEO company? If you’re in London, the answer is absolutely. Find and connect with an SEO team today to start realising results.

Oris Price
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