Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning


Drain cleaning is an essential task for all households. A few studies reveal that drains need to be cleaned every two years. If the household has too many skins and pipes then getting them clean more frequently is a better option. If the household has old pipes like pitch fibre drain then it is recommended to get new pipelines laid. As already mentioned, drain cleaning is an essential task. There are many frequently asked questions that people keep searching for the answers to. Here are a few answers to those questions.

How Many Days Can It Take To Clean Drains?

Drain cleaning is a slow and study process. Many tools like picote cutters, spokes, cameras, and others are used to clean drains. There’s a big process involved in drain cleaning. So, to follow the process and accomplish the task might take a bit of time. It can take an hour to clean the drains in one room. Calculate the time according to your house and the number of rooms in it.

How To Choose Professional Drain Cleaners?

Professional drain cleaners need to have:

  1. Proper equipment to clean the drains.
  2. Know everything about drain and old methodologies like pitch fibre drains and the others.
  3. Efficient in cleaning all types of drains with no complications.
  4. Has been working in the field for years.
  5. Know how to solve each and every problem related to drains.
  6. Has a perfect plan for cleaning the drains quickly and professionally.
  7. Provides a free quote, refund or free repair services after handing in the contract.
  8. Ask for referrals, and reviews in your neighbourhood.

What Is The Process Of Drain Cleaning

Steps of drain cleaning include:

  1. Knowing the types of drains used in that particular household. For example, pitch fibre drains subsurface drainage systems, and etc.
  2. Calculating the time, area.
  3. Choosing all the tools like picote cutter and others for cleaning the pipelines
  4. Using a map to check the drains
  5. Sending cameras into the drains and marking the places to be cleaned vigorously.
  6. Sending spokes and tools to clean the pipes.

How Is Drain Mapping Done?

Drain mapping is done for newly introduced drains. But for older drains like pitch fibre drains mapping is a difficult task. For new types, first, the map of the entire house is drawn. Cameras are sent into the drains. The cameras record the pictures and send the video to the monitor. The places where drains are blocked are marked and cleaned.

How To Know If The Drains Are Blocked Or Need To Be Cleaned?

These below-mentioned conditions will help in finding out blocked or damaged drains

  1. Your floor will become wet even though the weather is good.
  2. More water bills indicate water leakage
  3. Too fast running or slow running of water means damaged drains.
  4. Water leakage sounds even when the taps aren’t running signifies water leakage.

So, these are few answers to frequently asked questions about drain cleaning and blockage. Remember to check all the answers and then choose methods and workers for your drain cleaning.

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