Google: accidentally removed browser wallet, employees enthusiastic


Yesterday, Google removed the “Kryptokit” wallet for Chrome from the browser. For users, this was a nuisance that luckily was soon fixed. After a digital turmoil, Chrome released the app again. It also came out how the Google employees feel about Bitcoin: enthusiastic and bullish.

The users of the Chrome plugin “Kryptokit” had a nasty surprise yesterday morning: The browser wallet, the considered to be one of the easiest to use, it was gone from both the Chrome app store and the browser itself – along with the bitcoins it contained. The makers of Kryptokit immediately informed the users about ways to save the Bitcoins; via reddit and bitcointalk there was a storm of indignation over google, which with Kryptokit had also confiscated or destroyed user values. Does google flex its muscles? Will it, like Apple, blacklist Bitcoin apps? That would be devastating for tablets and smartphones. Interesting statements by one crypto expert about the whole situation can be read on  and you can notice a rather interesting situation in the behavior of Chrome.

But it doesn’t look like it. A few hours after the news, Chrome released the plugin again. Today, a Chrome product manager made a statement via reddit. A malware copied the Kryptokit codebase to create its own Bitcoin-stealing Chrome extension. The pipeline through which Chrome identifies malware accidentally marked the correct extension and blacklisted it. The Chrome staff then read what happened on reddit (“Many of us are enthusiasts too”) and released Kryptokit again.At no point in time was any data removed from the users’ systems.

The product manager explains that this is a learning process for the Chrome team as well. “But we want to emphasize that we definitely do not intend to limit Bitcoin extensions in general or Cryptokit in particular. We want to protect users from malware. “He closes the statement on reddit with the greeting:” Cheers, Tyler, Bullish. “

What does it mean that a Google employee announces on reddit,” many of us are enthusiasts too ”and that he is bullish? At least it doesn’t sound bad

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