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Friday, July 12, 2024

The Big and Tall Collection of Men


Are you someone with a unique body structure? The upper body and lower body proportions are somewhat more than average? You might find it hard to get a perfect fit suit. Always worry about visiting a tailor or getting your attire customized and stitched before major events. Well, if you are, let us help you.

A perfect look comes from a perfect suit. And a suit’s perfection lies in its fitting. You might visit tailors on and off to get your suit stitches or alter an off-the-rack suit. Not only its a burden on your pocket but continuous mental stress. Oh! Will it fit me well now, Will I look good in it. Oh, the sleeves become shorter, the length of the trousers isn’t proper, and the list goes on.

For all the reasons mentioned above, big and tall men often go for custom-made suits. Achieving a perfect balance of their proportion is quite an issue for them. The length of the suit plays a vital role in balancing your upper and lower body. One safest option is to wear a jacket halfway long between the floor and the back of the suit collar. Not too long, not too short, a perfect option. But obviously, not all men have equal proportions. Men with lower torsos should shorten the jacket as per the figure. Double-breasted jackets and peak lapels are also good options. As far as pants are concerned, make sure they don’t end up creasing at the top of your shoes.

Well, these are a few suggestions that will help you design a perfect fit suit. If you are still confused and have little time for a custom fit. We suggest you visit Jack Martin Menswear. We have heard the label is a great choice for big and tall suits. They have a vast collection of big and tall suits for up to 58 size with long trousers.

Using sustainable materials, they offer suits with unique designs. Their collection includes plain, striped, and herringbone in a variety of colors. The material varies from velvet to cotton, making it feasible to wear in winter and summer. You can wear these suits for weddings, family gatherings, or even an official meeting.

With so many options available, Jack Martin is worth visiting. You must give the label a try. We are sure you won’t be worrying about fitting and visiting your tailor once you try their big and tall suits.

Oris Price
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