The Main Aspects You Should Remember When Planning Your Fitted Wardrobe


The fitted wardrobe has fast become a standard in many UK bedrooms, and the practicality and functionality of such a wardrobe have contributed greatly to its popularity. But aside from being practical and functional, fitted wardrobes can serve as a beautiful feature and element in the bedroom, adding to the bedroom’s entire look and appeal. Fitted wardrobes are excellent because you can customise them according to what you need, and you can select from a broad array of colours, finishes, and styles that suit your personal preference and the space where they are to be installed. But when planning your fitted wardrobe, there are several aspects you should always remember. What are these aspects, then? Let’s find out.

  • Know what you really require

While aesthetic appeal will always be a given with fitted wardrobes, you shouldn’t neglect the practical aspects. Since you can create a fitted wardrobe in any design you want, you should then know exactly what you require. Look closely at what you have, for that matter, and determine the kind of storage you want for these items. If you are a jewellery and accessory collector and have your fair share of watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cuff links, and other knick-knacks, it follows that you should have a wardrobe that can accommodate these, and your best option would be a pull-out tray for these items. If you love shoes, your wardrobe should be built to fit all the pairs you have, and you can do this with shoe racks that you can pull out. If you have many dresses, these need to be hung properly, so you should think about enough space with long rails for hangers.

  • Choose the right style and design

The style and design of your fitted wardrobe should, first of all, adhere to the space you have, and secondly, it should complement your existing décor and theme, as fitted wardrobes Manchester experts from Myfittedbedroom.com recommend. If your theme is modern and contemporary, then you may want fitted wardrobes with glossy or mirrored surface finishes, but if you have a cosy and warm bedroom, then you can opt for wood grain finishes or neutral colours. When it comes to style, you have a range of options to choose from, but you can be specific and choose details that suit your practical needs and your taste.

  • Think of the future

Lastly, when planning your fitted wardrobe, think of the future. What we mean by this is for you to choose something that you will be happy with for a long time. There is no doubt that fitted wardrobes are an investment, and you want your investment not only to last but to satisfy your requirements for years. Fitted wardrobes can definitely add more value to your abode, and one of the best things you can do is choose something with a timeless and classic appeal that can future-proof your home for years to come.

If you want the best value out of your fitted wardrobe, choose the best experts in fitted wardrobes. They will not only build you a great wardrobe, but they will be with you through the entire design (and building) process so you can make the best choices as well.

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